When you are choosing a fabric it starts with the garment you are creating. It also depends on the sport or event you are creating for. For t-shirts you have 100% cotton, 50/50, and now triple blends that feel super soft that include rayon. If you are looking at dye-sublimated garments you will see below 100% polyester fabrics of many textures and uses. There are some blends that you can still dye sub on but they have to have a minimal amount of cotton.

Now that we have been printing direct to fabric for a few years we have chosen a stock line of fabrics that do not change frequently from the fabric mills. You will see a close up of those fabrics below with some recommendations to the sport or garments they relate to. Most of the fabrics can also be chosen in lightweight, medium weight, or heavy weight. Domestically fabrics are measured in ounces, and imported fabrics are measured in GSM. We will recommend the best fabric depending on the application.

As for Color Matching, you can send us stock garments for us to swatch match. Some of you may have PMS colors for your logos but this can vary a few shades when you go to printing on fabric. In addition colors can vary slightly from one fabric to another. If you are not worried about color, you can leave it to our best judgement to get as close as possible to your request.

Big Hole Mesh

We use big-hole mesh primarily as accents on jerseys. The bigger holes allow for the warmer areas of the body like under your arms to get the air they need during play. It is a very soft fabric.

Compression / Lycra

As the title states we use this material for compression shorts. You can have this sewn into skorts, or you could also do a full shooting shirt with it. It is slightly shiny and very smooth and comfortable.

4-Way Stretch

4-Way stretch is very popular for shooting shirts, shorts, jerseys and more. The only difference is ion the feel of the fabric. It is very smooth and has a minor sheen to it. The same thickness of fabric compared to a mock mesh actually feels a little bit thinner.


The hoodie fabric is one of our company favorites. It is soft on the inside, and smooth and soft on the outside. We use it on all the hoodies and track jackets.

Mock Mesh

This is by far the most popular fabric we offer. We use this on the majority of shorts, jerseys and reversibles. We adjust the weight depending on if a garment is reversible or not. We have also used different thicknesses for areas that wear harder.

Football Mesh

This is one of the strongest polyester fabrics we have. It can feel a little stiffer, but what it lacks in softness it makes up in strength. We have added this to custom lacrosse reversibles to prevent the insides from rubbing where the arm-pads hit.