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Farmington Indians Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

Farmington Indian Lacrosse Club came to us looking for a brand new logo and uniform design. We created a concept for them with a strong Native American Chief and large feathered headdress with FYL on the headband. The design on the front of the reversible is completed with two representations of the authentic Native American lacrosse sticks crossed. Continue reading “Farmington Indians Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms” »

Toxic Lacrosse Club Dye Sublimated Uniforms

Toxic Lacrosse Club came to us looking for a brand new identity for their team. This project quickly became one of the more creative and fun uniforms we have designed. Their existing Toxic logo was really underdeveloped so we needed to hit the drawing board on a new skull theme for them that had intensity and character. The jaw on the skull we drew has an oozing & smoking gas mask clamped between it’s teeth with cross-bone lacrosse sticks completing it. The uniforms comes together with a cross-bones argyle pattern on the body, shorts and shooting shirt. Continue reading “Toxic Lacrosse Club Dye Sublimated Uniforms” »

Stylin’ Strings Williamsburg Warriors Sublimated Lacrosse Club Uniforms

This custom uniform job came to us from Virginia. A team known as Williamsburg Warriors Lacrosse Club requested a new custom logo and uniform design. We used their original colors of royal blue, black and white with the addition of carolina blue to create the new logo. The new logo features a torn banner with the words “Williamsburg Warriors Lacrosse” draped over a large blue W. The W is bordered with two hatchets with feathers placed on either side . One of our favorite features about this set is the custom made tribal pattern that covers most of the uniform. We created a carolina blue version and a royal blue version.
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Stylin’ Strings Shooting Irish Lacrosse Uniforms

The Shooting Irish Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms were designed for a team in our local community of York, Pennsylvania. We designed a new custom logo for them with a clover and their initials. These uniforms were intended to look like a retro Irish soccer jersey with some flashiness in the green clover pattern going down the sides. We also wanted to match the old gold of there helmets on the shoulders of the jersey. The front of the jersey housed a logo that is a cross between an interstate emblem and your traditional crossed sticks look.

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Stylin’ Strings Black Dog Legacy Lacrosse Uniforms

This Black Dog Legacy Lacrosse uniform was one of the hardest color combinations we had to work with to date. The clients had combined two club teams into one and we had the job of making it work. Up to the challenge, our apparel team spent hours creating different design concepts until we nailed it. From the logo on the chest, to the pattern on the shorts, every detail has been carefully designed to make a timeless and unique look.

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New StylinStrings Apparel Site Launched

After offering apparel for the past 10 years through our lacrosse store at, we’ve decided to go online with a site which showcases our apparel offerings. From lacrosse to basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, soccer and everything in between, we’ve got the best dye sublimated apparel and competitive prices.

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