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Farmington Indians Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

Farmington Indian Lacrosse Club came to us looking for a brand new logo and uniform design. We created a concept for them with a strong Native American Chief and large feathered headdress with FYL on the headband. The design on the front of the reversible is completed with two representations of the authentic Native American lacrosse sticks crossed.

The pinnies were designed on the Stylin’ Strings Wide-Shoulder Lacrosse Reversible template. The number on the front of the reversible represent carved stone, tied to the uniforms with leather and the numbers on the back represent leather patchwork tied into the body. The detail up close on this design make it very unique, the custom native american took hours draw so that it was not just stock art. The headdress flows to the back of the jersey where the feathers rest on the shoulders and back. On the tips of the maroon side of the reversible is also some accent leather.

The shorts were designed on the Stylin’ Strings Lacrosse Shorts w/ Side-Panels & Pockets template. The side panels carry the leather patchwork style down the legs. The leathers weaves down the leg in between the light tan piping. On the outside of the body line the black tassels overlap the maroon fill. A secondary logo of a carved stone “F” with a feather is on the front left leg. Big thanks to Matt Kowal on this project.

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